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We pride ourselves with accomplishing so much as a scrappy team and are consistently looking for talent to help move the message forward.

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Some tight dude named Ken looking away


Ken Pena (He / Him)

Ken Pena is a passionate multi-disciplinary visual designer based in Portland, OR. By day working as a UI/UX Designer at adidas and by night breaking boundaries and growing his craft through projects that give back to the communities that helped him find his place as a digital designer.

oh my god it's this bitch


Aitana Mallari (She / Her)

Aitana Yvette Mallari is a journalist and media creator based in Phoenix, AZ. Her work can be found in national magazines, TV shows, campaigns and tech startups. You can always find her online, forever in pursuit of the serotonin she lost when she was 12.

Portrait of Rithwik staring off into the distance.


Rithwik Kalale (He / Him)

Rithwik Kalale is a digital + audio reporter and content creator based in Phoenix, AZ and San Jose, CA. His passion lies in community-focused storytelling under topics like: health, entertainment and social justice. When he’s not writing, you can find him constantly either playing Pokémon or dancing.

Miguel Fajardo in a blazer staring seductively into the camera


Miguel Fajardo (He / Him)

Miguel “Miggy” Fajardo is currently an aspiring product designer studying Industrial Design at Arizona State University. On the side, he is a passionate creative that uses a plethora of mediums such as photography, digital design, & videography to create his art. 

Business Development Specialist

Ashley Joe (She / Her)

Ashley Joe is a young professional on an endless pursuit to transform ideas into action, build communities, and elevate diverse people based in Portland, OR. Attestably skilled in project management, team leadership, and design thinking innovation, she gets shit done.

Operations Lead

Allen Pan (he / him)
Allen Pan is a musician and media creator based in Phoenix, AZ. His kill-streak includes headlining at international conferences, performing for the Diamondbacks, and opening for 88rising artists with his band. When music is on cooldown, you can find him writing and spending time with his cat. Allen is best known to his oppositions as the “prick with the violin.”

Marketing Lead

Ethan Tse (he / him)

Ethan Tse is a graphic designer based in Phoenix, AZ. Accompanied with his focus in digital marketing, Ethan pursues the art of visual communication to bridge mediums and bring ideas to life.